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Selected Presentations

  1. Gordon Confrence Water 2018.

  2. Kinetics of ligand mediated ultra-small silver cluster formation

  3. Proton transfer, diffusion and recombination of H+ and H- ions in liquid water and water wires from a dissociating water model.

  4. "Ab-initio studies of magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles as potential catalysts for the thermal decomposition of acetic acid"
    American Chemical Society NERM Binghamton, NY, October 6th 2016.

  5. Poster was presented at the 2016 American Indian Science and Engineering Society National Meeting
    in Minneapolis, MN “Confinement and hydration effects on helix formation of polyalanine in open nanotubes

  6. Water in nonpolar cavities and fullerenes.

  7. Water between plates in electric field ACS.

  8. Temp Effects of water in CNT GRC_06.

  9. Metastableclusters of Water in Tetrabrachion ACS.

  10. Electric field and temp effects of water in CNT_ACS.