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  • Symposium : “Liquid State Theory: Symposium in Honor of Jay Rasaiah” at 248th ACS national meeting San Francisco August 10-14 2014.

    Over 40 top researchers from around the nation and the world shared their latest work in areas of liquid state structure and dynamics, properties of ionic solutions, and the behavior of water and other liquids in confined spaces. The contributions emphasized Prof. Rasaiahís influence on the field during the past six decades. His work on ion mobility and water mobility in pores is highly relevant to the emerging understanding of transport of molecules through membranes in cellsña critical issue for understanding cell function. Some of the presenters had been students or collaborators of Rasaiahís while others had been influenced by his published work. On the last day of the symposium, Prof. Rasaiah gave a presentation about his work on ion mobility. Two of Rasaiahís colleagues from the University of Maine Chemistry Department, François G. Amar and Scott Collins, also gave talks. And two students Dylan Suvlu and Dr. Seneviratne Samaratunga spoke about their current research on helix formation in nanopores. The Rasaiah Symposium was supported in part by the University of Maine and the Maine Section of the American Chemical Society.